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A dynamic moving text to image generator
for animated Captcha and email obfuscation


  • my email is in the image at the bottom of the page, i'd be happy to hear comments

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    Whatever ? !

    You do not really have to read below this line to get it to work;
    [-] Baah, take it away!
    but if you want to customize it, go ahead. The following are parameters that can be changed, just add them to the GET query string:

    c preset configuration. {0 or 1}, the following example values are for preset 0
    you can start out with a preset, and modift other values on top of that
    font {0,1}, cursive or block
    font_size in points 36
    screen_d size of holes (14)
    screen_r distance between holes (16)
    width width of image 300
    height of image 120
    wordCount how many background words 10
    duration how long to keep each image (10s of ms) {10,100...}
    wobble random tilting of the screen {0,1,2...}
    dy moving the screen
    dx moving the screen
    shape shape of holes {0,1,2} honeycomb,square,chess
    bgColor background color - greyscale {0-255} (255)
    bgwColor background words - greyscale {0-255} 100
    screenColor foreground screen obstruction - greyscale {0-255} 155
    fgColor "secret" word greyscale {0-255} 100



    [-] hide presets
    I will add more as they become available, feel free to suggest